I love this place; I want to live here! I could sleep on the trapeze!"
Stella Hu, birthday girl
Moody Street Circus is the family-run professional studio home of Sacha and Melinda Pavlata’s Cirque Passion School of Circus Arts and Melina of Daughters of Rhea’s Belly Dance School. At Moody Street Circus we teach the joy of life through circus arts and belly dance to people of all ages and levels. We welcome absolute beginners! Helping students build skills, artistry and strength with heart, humor and inclusive community spirit are at the core of our teaching.


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    Melina's Belly Dance Class at Moody Street Circus. J. Tlumacki Boston Globe Photo.

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    Melina's Warm up at Moody Street Circus. Boston Globe photo by J. Tlumacki.

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    Melinda Melina with the Fred Elias Ensemble. Axie Breen Photography.

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    Moody Street Circus Student Pyramid! Najmat Photography.

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    Orange flies on the silks! Najmat Photography.

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    Melina's Tambourine Dancers.

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    Sacha teaches Leah on trapeze. Najmat Photography.

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    Ivy on the web with Sacha Pavlata. Najmat Photography.

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    Melina's Drum Dancers!

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    Sacha Pavlata on the high wire in South Korea.


Want to schedule a semi-private group lesson in belly dance or circus arts? We can custom-create a lesson for your event or group, designed for brand-new beginners. Email us for more information or to book a time.

Who we are
At Moody Street Circus we are moody in name only! We joyfully share our multi-generational family legacies in circus arts and belly dance with you.
Contact us
397 Moody Street, 2nd Floor
Waltham, MA 02453
Telephone: (781) 893-2491
Email: melinda@cirquepassion.com
Students: the studio opens 20 minutes before class time. Other visits and private lessons by appointment only.
What we do
We offer introductory clinics, ongoing classes, summer programs, after-school programs, special workshops with internationally acclaimed visiting guest artists, private lessons and special-event parties for students of all ages and levels in Circus Arts and Belly Dance. We also can perform at your events!