Zoë Isadora Heywood

Photo by @sarasotawarrior Sam Mellor

Photo by @sarasotawarrior Sam Mellor


Moody Street Circus Coach & World-Class Aerialist

Zoë Heywood is a third-generation circus performer who was raised in Circus Flora and at Moody Street Circus.  She has performed outstanding acts on nearly every aerial apparatus there is: silks (aerial fabric), corde lisse (rope), aerial sling, straps, aerial hoop (Lyra) and chains.  All this and she is kind of afraid of heights!

Zoë grew up brushing her teeth while hanging by her knees from the trapeze in her family’s living room.  She first appeared in her mother Melinda's arms in the ring of Circus Flora when she was 9 months old with a beautiful hot pink sequined head bow that hand-sewn by Olinka Wallenda.  She has since performed with her Mom and step-father Sacha Pavlata at countless events including Cirque Passion’s tented shows that raised money for the ALS Therapy Development Institute and the YMCA and at Wayland’s 375th Anniversary Gala outdoor circus show produced by Moody Street Circus.  

She toured in the legendary Flying Wallenda family circus performing an aerial fabric act during their 2016 tour of the Northeast State Fairs.  She helped out with props during their high wire act as a 2nd generation “Platform Wallenda.”

Her mom, aerialist and belly dancer Melinda Melina Pavlata, calls Zoë the “Aerial Dolphin” for the effortless and elegant way she cavorts in the air, and as @moodystreetcircuskid she entertains thousands of instagram followers on a near-daily basis.  

Zoë coaches students on aerial technique, choreography and performance skills.  She has all kinds of conditioning tools to help whip everyone into shape!  She teaches special choreography and special skills workshops in aerial silks, sling, rope and lyra.  She works on her hooping, handstanding, contortioning, wire walking and juggling on the side.

Besides learning the literal ropes from growing up with her traveling circus family, Zoë has trained and/or taken private lessons with leading aerialists throughout the world:  Rachel Bowman of Womack & Bowman, Elena Panova of San Francisco Circus Center, Emiliano Ron "The Rope Master," Alex Allan & more. 

Zoë performs every year in the Moody Street Circus showcase for Newton’s Dancing with the Stars, a fundraiser for veterans at the Post 440.  She has organized outdoor circus performances to raise money for the FUSE school and B-Peace for Jorge, a youth organization that seeks to end gun violence.  She has directed many fun shows in the studio that involve our talented students as well as professional dancers.

Zoë is a student at Wellesley College (class of '22) and is excited to be able to continue coaching at Moody Street Circus and around the world during her college years.

You can follow Zoë on Instagram as @moodystreetcircuskid and on Facebook as Zoë Isadora Aerialist.


Zoë through the years...