Open Studio Club ~ Feb/March 2019 Trial Session

Open Studio Club ~ Feb/March 2019 Trial Session


Moody Street Circus: OPEN STUDIO CLUB 


Currently enrolled in a Moody Street Circus session*.

Ages 14+ 


There will be AT LEAST seven members-only open studio sessions available each month to allow members options. DATES AND TIMES change EVERY month.  You will need to plan and communicate which base 4 dates you want to come to.

At $100 per aerialist, you will have access to FOUR open studio sessions each month. You can pay $20 per extra session to add onto our base of 4 sessions.

You must register for them IN ADVANCE by messaging Moody Street Circus to check availability.

There are SIX spots available per open studio session. 

Open studio is in place to help aerialists maintain a practice schedule to help strength, skill retention and flexibility grow. 

Any apparatus in the BACK of our studio will be available: silks, rope, trapeze, lyra, straps, net, sling, cloudswing, juggling, unicycle, conditioning tools, mats. Apparatuses must be shared if called for. 

We have a two strike policy for open studio club members. We will give you a warning after one strike, discussing how you have gone against studio rules. Once you have two strikes you will no longer be invited to enroll in our monthly open studio sessions.

We will be present and lightly monitoring open studio participants. You may not ask for coaching from Zoe, Melinda or Sacha during this time, and please respect that they are also working on their own skills and goals. You can always schedule a private lesson!!!!!!!!!

SAFETY above all else. RESPECT our studio rules:

OPEN STUDIO CLUB TIME IS FOR REVIEW ONLY - new tricks require the guidance of an aerial coach. 

RESPECT YOUR TIME - Come to open studio with goals and things to review and work on. You don’t want to waste your practice time by sitting and thinking of things you want to work on. Come PREPARED. 

PRACTICE LOW - always review wraps at ground level first to ensure proper wrapping.

THIS IS INDIVIDUAL - you are not permitted to coach your friends through new tricks. You can work together to remember wraps we’ve done in classes. 

WARM UP - Each open studio will start with 10 minutes of mandatory warm up time you do on your own. Members will not be allowed to start working on their aerial skills until 10 minutes into each session. Even if you arrive late, the 10 minutes of warm up is still mandatory.

RESPECT THE SPACE - If your open studio session is taking place during another class or private lesson, keep the noise level to a minimum. No jumping or running. All studio rules apply during these practice times.

RESPECT FELLOW AERIALISTS - People come to open gym to work on their own individual aerial goals. Please do not distract people from reaching them by asking them to show you things or by socializing. 

*if you would like to be eligible for open studio at MSC and are NOT part of our current circus program - please contact to discuss.



Our first open studio club month long session will COMBINE February and March due to studio closings during these months. 

COST: $100 per membership (memberships includes 4 sessions)

$20 for each additional session.

CONTACT Moody Street Circus to register for the sessions you wish. This is the ONLY way to ensure your spot in that session date. We will post updates on each session in our facebook group - make sure you have joined that! (We will send you instructions on how to join the secret group after you have joined the club).

FEBRUARY/ MARCH OPEN STUDIO SESSION TIMES - Register for the club, then reserve your spots in your base 4 sessions by Feb 22 to make sure your spot is reserved. If you choose to come to more sessions, you must message us in advance to make sure there is room and pay the extra $20 when you come.

Monday, February 25th 


Wednesday, February 27th


Thursday, March 7th 


Saturday, March 9th


Wednesday, March 13th 


Friday, March 15th


Saturday, March 16th 


Wednesday, March 20th 


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