July 8 - 12, 2019. Half-Day Kid's Circus Program (ages 7 -16)

July 8 - 12, 2019. Half-Day Kid's Circus Program (ages 7 -16)


2019 1/2 Day Kid’s Circus Arts Program Week of July 8 - 12 (Ages 7 - 16)

Meets Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - NOON.


In the course of a structured 1/2 day in our clean, air-conditioned studio, students will learn and practice many ground circus skills customized to their level: juggling, plate spinning, tumbling, pyramid formation, rola bola balancing, hula hoop, walking on the rolling globe, low wire tightrope.  They will work on learning the fundamentals of how to build strength and flexibility that they can take into the rest of their lives. Students will also learn the basics on aerial apparatus including static trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop), corde lisse, aerial sling, straps and silks/fabric. Because class size is kept low, we are able to individualize a training program for students with experience. We expect all students to be able to respect their coaches & fellow students and follow directions.

  • We start the day with juggling practice followed by a full-body warm-up with flexibility and strengthening exercises. 

  • We proceed to circus ground acrobatic skills on the mats, including forward rolls, monkey rolls, wheelbarrows, candlesticks, cartwheels, handstand forward rolls and pyramid formation.  For students who have gymnastics experience or want to improve their tumbling skills, we will provide them the opportunity to work at their individual level.

  • Throughout each week we introduce some of Sacha Pavlata's multi-generational circus family clowning skits, including Dead Man, Robin Hood the Coin comedy act, the Newspaper and more. Kids can practice their circus theatrics and comedy.

  • Safe, assisted learning on the aerial equipment.  

  • Students learn and practice at their own pace and according to their own level. We offer opportunities for improvisation where students can learn to safely and creatively express themselves while in the air.

  • While taking breaks from aerial work which can fatigue the arms and hands, students practice ground acts of rola bola, rolling globe, low wire, plate spinning, juggling.

    Attire:  Moody Street Circus is a gum-free, street-shoe free zone.  Students will practice skills barefoot, but acrobatic shoes or ballet slippers are suggested for practice on unicycle and low wire.  Long hair MUST be worn pulled back in a pony-tail or in braids. No jewelry or zippers are allowed on the equipment.  We invert (go upside-down) on equipment and always follow the SAFETY FIRST Rule: Leotards and shorts or footless leggings for girls, bicycle/gymastic style shorts and form fitting shirts that can be well-tucked in for boys.  Campers should not be distracted by their clothing riding up when they are upside down, it is very dangerous when you are learning new tricks.  Also: students toe and finger nails should be filed or trimmed so they do not rip holes in the silks.  

New waiver forms must be completed for each participant.

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