Class Attire


Belly Dance Classes are conducted barefoot or with dance paws if you prefer. Wear comfortable workout-like yoga attire you can dance and sweat in.  Hip-scarves, finger cymbals, veils and tambourines are all provided for in-class use. You only need to bring yourself and your smiling hearts :)



What you wear to circus class is a matter of safety, proper focus on skills and technique, and injury prevention. No jewelry or zippers on clothing allowed on equipment. No baggy clothing. Long hair pulled back.

Ideal circus outfits for girls and women:

Footless leggings that cover the backs of your knees.


Footless unitards with 3/4 sleeve.

Many of our students like to wear bike shorts over a leotard and leggings - that works well because they are form-fitting and nothing will get twisted up in the silks.

Form fitting clothing keeps you safe, encourages good technique and minimizes distractions.

BOYS: You can wear a tight t-shirt and long bike shorts, or a tight tank top and close-fitting sweatpants. If you wear loose shorts, you won’t be 100% happy when you go upside-down. And you will be going upside-down.

Other acceptable - though less ideal - outfits: A tight fitting tank top with footless leggings. The leotard doesn’t necessarily have to cover your armits (but we may not teach you some fun tricks then).

You can buy a leotard for under $20, available online at Discount Dance Supply and many other local dance stores. Dancer’s Image in Newton. Capezio in Wellesley. We also recommend buying inexpensive tights and cutting off the feet to wear as leggings. You do not have to spend a lot of money on this.

Since we do so much barefoot work in the studio, clipping your toe nails and keeping your feet clean helps keep our equipment stay clean and our aerial fabric without snags and holes. We provide baby wipes for students to wipe down their feet before climbing the silks. We appreciate it when parents encourage their children to clip their toe nails.

These are great outfits to wear for circus practice!

These are great outfits to wear for circus practice!