Belly Dance Magic

Every time I dance, I am crossing a magic threshold to enact a ritual of self-empowerment. I am laying out a sacred realm where I can feel myself whole, and from where I can send out the highest positive energies to the world. When I dance I feel I am propagating power for all women. I am relishing the feeling of my body's movement and celebrating the bodies of all women and by extension all humanity, for we are all born of woman.  I am carrying on a matriarchal tradition, one that springs from an ancient female-dominated society where women danced for themselves and for each other, where we danced in a circle to confuse and ward off evil spirits from entering the body of a pregnant women in labor, around whom we shimmied and undulated and ululated and rolled our bellies in solidarity. Imagine being a child born into this society. Your first journey out of the birth canal, glistening and new and into the shimmy mist of women there to protect your life force through dance.  When I dance I am imagining that I have been born in a world like this, where everyone dances with me, everyone supports each other and everyone understands that this dance is the most wonderful and important force in the universe. It is! Dancing is one of the ways I listen to myself, and after many years of training I can sense, trust and follow through on my movement impulses. As with meditation, dance is a gateway to accessing my body's -- and the universe's - wisdom and voice.

I think it is important for you to have thought about why you dance and what you want to convey. Clarity is the first step to stepping into your power as an artist. Your reasons may change over time. They should change over time.  So what feels good when you belly dance?  Do that more. Maybe it will lead you to other movements that you love and work well for you. Be alive with your questions and ideas when you dance.  At the same time, try not rush through them all because you are nervous.  Improvisation is the ultimate test in your ability to present (and be present) in some (not all!) of the moves you know, to relax, breathe, and not take yourself too seriously.  

May your dance journey be long-lived and pleasurable.

Melinda Melina Pavlata dancing at the lovely Karoun Restaurant. Portrait by Najmat Photography.

Melinda Melina Pavlata dancing at the lovely Karoun Restaurant. Portrait by Najmat Photography.



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