STIR CRAZY (multiple apparatus) 8/28/19

STIR CRAZY (multiple apparatus) 8/28/19


STIR CRAZY (multiple apparatus) workshop

Wednesday August 28th, 2019 - 5:30-7pm


Stir Crazy, a spin workshop was one of our MOST popular workshops this year… SO we’ve brought it back! Students MUST love spinning, obviously! We will work on developing spin tolerance, technique, and sequences that can be translated to multiple apparatuses. Lyra, silks, and sling spin technique will be put into practice!

We do not recommend eating within ~2 hours of the workshop’s start time!

Safety First! Pre-Requisites:

(ADULT) Aged 14+ (or with permission)

Love of spinning!

Able to invert from the ground with extreme confidence in grip

Can perform a single knee hang (workshop may not include this skill - it is a mark of strength & control)

Can perform double and single foot-locks cleanly in the air

Knows hipkey (or a cheat entrance to hipkey - which you can learn in our BIG RUSSIAN THEORY workshop on 8/15! or our HIPKEY HOOPLA workshop on 8/11!)

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